Platelet rich Plasma has been used for many years in soft tissue healing, but in the last few years its potential for use in thinning hair or hair loss has gained popularity.

Essentially, it is the injection of the growth factors part of your blood into areas of the scalp to stimulate repair and regenerate the hair follicles.

A sample of your blood is drawn as in a normal blood test, then centrifuged to separate the growth factor rich plasma, which is then re-injected into specific areas.

A number of publications have identified the range of platelet factors and their functions during the repair phenomena and these publications have focused on cellular migration, collagen synthesis, and structural improvement.

PRP has also been used in orthopaedics, cardiology and rheumatology for many decades.


PRP is used to stimulate the hair follicles in thinning hair or hair loss. A sample of blood is withdrawn, spun in a centrifuge at a precise speed, then injected into the scalp. The scalp may be primed first using a dermroller however this is not always necessary. The growth factors in your blood have a regenerating and repairing effect. The PRP can be injected into areas of thinning hair and it is these areas that good results are most likely.

The best candidates are those who have noticed a thinning of their hair and want to stimulate regrowth naturally or prevent further hair loss.

You are encouraged to book in a consultation with Dr Bharat Patel. He will undergo a thorough examination, followed by a detailed treatment plan which takes into account your goals. The various parts of the scalp are analysed to determine what injection protocol will benefit you the most. There are relatively no risks from PRP and this makes it a well-tolerated treatment in motivated individuals.

PRP rely on the action of growth factors that have a regenerating effect. Results are variable as each individuals blood and cellular responses are unique. There is however no real risks for PRP as it is the use of your own blood. Whilst single PRP sessions have yielded good results in some individuals, a series of treatments may be more beneficial.

PRP for Hair loss can be undertaken from £249 per session depending on the area of hair loss. Larger areas will require a greater amount of PRP and this will be discussed with you at your consultations.