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Facial Volume loss contributes significantly to facial ageing. Volume deficits are a result of the loss and repositioning of facial fat as well as from skeletal remodelling. The 8-Point lift is a revolutionary concept that was pioneered to provide a means of administrating dermal fillers in specific areas to create a lifted, rejuvenated and younger appearance with no downtime.

The key areas that are addressed are the malar region, tear trough and infraorbital area, nasolabial fold and the effect of gravity, cheek bone definition and structure, mouth frown, pre-jowl area and jawline.

Your lift is custom after a thorough consultation and the 8-point lift is uniquely prescribed to provide the best results.

Below the main areas of injection are summarised:

Malar region- Volume loss here contributes to looking unwell and old.

Tear Trough and Infraorbital area – Concavity under the eye is due to changes in soft tissues and skeletal structure. This creates hollow depressions and flattening of the cheeks that can contribute towards a ‘tired look’ .

Nasolabial fold and the effect of gravity- Loss of elasticity combined with the effect of gravity can lead to more prominent Nasolabial Folds.Cheek Bone

Definition and Structure – Youthful Cheeks naturally have more volume which makes them smooth and well defined. With ageing this youthful definition is gradually lost as volume levels are depleted.

Mouth Frown – Over time there is a loss of the upward turning of the mouth corners

Prejowl Sulcus – The pre-jowl depression is the result of sagginess (skin laxity and subcutaneous fat loss and redistribution) that gradually appear with ageing and create a heavy appearance to the lower face.

Jaw Line – there is a loss of definition due to ageing.


It is the use of Juvederm to create a lifted appearance in the younger or older person. Advanced techniques are used in the 8 areas of the face to administer dermal fillers which give a maximal pleasing and natural result using a safe and effective non-surgical protocol. Dr Bharat Patel is one of few practioners who is able to offer this technique of facial rejuvenation.

This lift is suitable for younger or older individuals of both genders. In the younger person it is used to augment the deficiency, whereas in the older individual it is used to restore volume to those areas that were previously well supported. Studies have shown a reduction in apparent age of the individual from 6.1- 9 years.

You are encouraged to book in a thorough consultation with Dr Bharat Patel. He will undergo a full face analysis, followed by a detailed treatment plan which takes into account your goals. The various parts of the face are analysed to determine where a loss of support has occurred and much focus to anatomical consideration is undertaken. Procedures can be undertaken at the same visit as the consultation or on another day. Topical anaesthetic is applied to the skin and left to take effect for approximately 30 minutes. For those that may need a simple dental block can be very effective. The regions to be treated are then precisely marked, followed by careful administration of the dermal filler. Gradual administration allows for the results to be continually checked and adapted ensuring the final result is perfect. Depending on the site, various administrative techniques are employed which are at the forefront of modern facial aesthetics.

There will be a noticeable improvement immediately and most patients are delighted at this visit, however improvement in contour continues for about 2 weeks after. A review appointment is arranged to take post- procedure photos which are confidential. Should you require a touch up or wish to have further areas treated this can be undertaken at the review appointment.

The 8-Point Non-surgical Lift can be undertaken from £999. Depending on the underlying structure and aims, a greater amount of dermal filler may be needed to produce the desired result. This will be discussed with you before treatment at your consultation visit.