The lower face plays a pivotal role in facial balance. Imbalance that is congenital or age-related can be corrected effectively. Dermal fillers can be used in different planes to bring the lower face into aesthetic proportons using various soft tissue cephalometric measurements.

The lower face, which was previously in balance however is no longer due to ageing, is assessed in a slightly different way, which takes into account the overall underlying tissues and muscular action to enable chin contour to be restored to previous youthful times. Several dermal volumisers can be used including Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and Perlane, and the choice is made depending on the level of augmentation and rejuvenation needed.


Non surgical chin augmentation is the use of dermal fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm or Radiesses to create balance in the lower face area in the anterior-posterior and vertical planes. It can also correct asymmetry and create a result that has a lifting effect on other areas of the face including the lips. It can be used to correct the pre-jowl sulcus which is an area often found in an ageing face, where loss of contour has occurred. There are several other uses in the lower face from creating a youthful angle of the posterior lower face, to adding contour of the mentum. These will all be discussed with you at your consultation.

Young or Old Patients with a lower third of the face which may benefit from anterior or vertical projecton, or where previous contour or volume loss has occurred. In the more aged patient the border of the chin may have an uneven contour termed the ‘jowling effect’ which may be corrected. The corners of the lower lip may also appear downturned either in the younger or older candidate and this gives the appearance of a sadder expression at rest, but may be corrected. Candidates can achieve a safe and aesthetically pleasing result using some of the most advanced dermal fillers, with no bruising and no downtime using innovative techniques perfected by Dr Bharat Patel.

You are encouraged to book in a thorough consultation with Dr Bharat Patel. He will undergo a full face analysis, followed by a detailed treatment plan which takes into account your goals. The various parts of the lower face are analysed to determine where a loss of support has occurred and much focus to anatomical consideration is undertaken. Procedures can be undertaken at the same visit as the consultation or on another day. Topical anaesthetic is applied to the skin and left to take effect for approximately 30 min. For those that may need a simple dental block can be very effective. The regions to be treated are then precisely marked, followed by careful administration of the dermal filler. Gradual administration allows for the results to be continually checked and adapted to ensure the final result is perfect. Depending on the site, various administrative techniques are employed which are at the forefront of modern facial aesthetics

There will be a noticeable improvement immediately and most patients are delighted at this visit, however improvement in contour continues for about 2 weeks after. A review appointment is arranged to take post- procedure photos which are confidential. Should you require a touch up or wish to have further areas treated this can be undertaken at the review appointment.

Chin contouring can be undertaken from £299. Depending on the underlying structure and aims, a greater amount of dermal filler may be needed to produce the desired result. This will be discussed with you before treatment at your consultation visit.