Botox may be used to slim the face especially in those who have a wider lower half of the face.

It is injected into the masseter muscles and, therefore, is also of use in patients who grind their teeth regularly (bruxism) or those who have tempro-mandibular dysfunction due to the excessive grinding.

It is a common procedure as it is a simple way of achieving a slimmed facial appearance and can be a standalone procedure or used in conjunction with other treatments to maximise its effect.


Several units of Botox are injected into the masseter muscle on the left and right side. This will result in an atrophy of the masseter which may then cause some remodelling of the underlying structure to produce an aesthetically pleasing slimmed appearance. Initially, there is great variance in the amount of Botox needed to produce a good result. However, once the initial result is obtained, Botox can then be used in lower doses at intervals to maintain the effect. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes and is relatively painless.

Young or Older Patients are suitable of both genders, though it is most often requested by females. A thorough assessment is undertaken to ascertain the aetiology and suitability for treatment.

Botox is a brand name for Botulinum Toxin Type A, a purified natural protein chemically derived from bacteria that can be injected to cause muscular relaxation of the masseter muscles and a consequential slimmed appearance. It has been used for many decades and its popularity for cosmetic interventions makes Botox the number one non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the world. Botox blocks the signals to specific muscles at the point of injection.

You are encouraged to book in for a thorough consultation with Dr Bharat Patel. He will undergo a full analysis, followed by a detailed treatment plan. Various options may be available and they will be discussed with you at your consultation. The treatment takes 10-15 minutes and is well-tolerated.

Botox to this area takes longer to see a result than Botox to other areas. Some may see a result within 2 weeks due to masseteric relaxation, if the masseter was initially bulky, others may need several weeks to obtain a result. Results can be maintained with biannual topups, though some patients have reported lasting results beyond this period.

The cost of facial slimming using Botox is from £299 though a treatment plan will be given before treatment with an exact quote.