At Rejuvenate Clinics we use the Obagi® Range of Chemical Peels.

Obagi® have been a leader in skincare since 1988 and has established itself as the product that yields real results. Obagi® chemical peels are designed to minimize the appearance of premature skin ageing, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage.

There are 2 types of peels Blue peel and the gentle Blue peel radiance that are performed at our clinic.

Blue Peel® – In-office facial chemical peel procedure that uses trichloroacetic acid (TCA) mixed with a special Obagi blue base to monitor and slow penetration. It is used in the correction of skin tone and texture;

Blue Peel Radiance – Gentle, Quick and easy salicylic acid-based facial chemical peel for all skin types that exfoliates and helps improve overall complexion. Instant, radiant results for most skin types. Improves a range of skin concerns, including photodamage and results in an overall improvement in texture and tone. Can be used on darker skins as well as fairer complexions. Superficial exfoliation, with little to no downtime. Provides instant radiance – tighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin after just one use of a series of four to six peels provides best overall results.


Obagi chemical peels are in-office treatments that strive to accelerate the process of skin renewal and address skin problems to produce ideal skin as below: Even tone. No discoloration, blotchiness, rosacea, blemishes. Soft, supple, and even texture. No fine lines and no wrinkles Firmness and resilience. Radiance and clarity. It is these principles on which Obagi Chemical Peels are built on.

Treatment is tailored specifically to your skin type and need. The Obagi Radiance peel can usually be undertaken without any preparatory skin care regime. There is minimal downtime and you can return to work straight away. There is an instance radiance and for best result a course of four to six treatments is recommended though single treatments can be undertaken. The Obagi Blue Peel may require a preparatory six to twelve weeks of Obagi Nuderm Creams which contain active ingredients of tretinoin and hydroquinone. After the preparatory phase an assessment will be undertaken and suitability for the Blue Peel ascertained. Some patients are so pleased with the results after the Nu-derm products phase that they no longer want the Blue Peel. In this event maintainance products can be recommended. For those who are suitable for the Blue peel, it is a thirty minute treatment of application however the recovery is more longer than a Radiance Peel.

Unlike alpha-hydroxy peels or other superficial procedures, the Blue Peel allows control of depth of the peel and the number of coats applied to tailor the process to your skin’s specific needs. The Obagi Blue Peel can be performed on the neck, chest, hands, back, arms and legs.

The Obagi™ Nu-derm restoration system should be used to maintain results, though other systems are available which will be discussed at your consultation.

The Blue radiance peel costs from £89 per session, and the Obagi Blue peel costs from £399.